Online rheumatology learning options during the COVID-19 outbreak

1. DermJC discussing biologics during the COVID-19 outbreak

Date: April 1, 2020
Time: 9pm EST (click here to find this in your local time zone)

2. Thomas Jefferson Rheumatology Invitation for Journal Club using Zoom:
Friday, April 3, 8:30am Eastern Time (New York time) (click here to find this in your local time zone)
Itinerary as follows: 4 journal articles will be discussed: Please plan for 10-15-minute
presentation for each case. 

  1. Dr. Cathy Lee Ching MD – Case Report on Covid 19 patient with MAS features
  2. Dr. Nandini Setia MD – Epidemiologic features and clinical features of COVID19
  3. Dr. Yvan Maque Acosta MD – Role of Hydroxychloroqine in treatment of COVID19
  4. Dr. Shady Abdelbaki MD – Role of IL-6 Inhibition in treatment of COVID19
    Feel free to ask questions. 
    This is our first-time doing a Zoom presentation so please be patient. Rheumatology training programs around the world must now use Zoom or a similar system for conferences. This gives us the opportunity to share resources. We chose journal club format to start because of the current crisis. In the future we can share speakers, case discussions, journal club, etc. Our vision is that other programs and/or individuals will step forward. Please list proposed activity at least a week in advance. Our programs are on Friday mornings but of course we are all not on the same schedule. So please list time and day of planned conference.

Thank you and let us all use our imagination to not only get through this difficult time but to thrive.
Michele Meltzer, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, Pa.