Getting Started

How to #RheumJC

Step 1. Sign up for Twitter if you haven’t already.

Step 2. Join the conversation

  • Option 1: Use a specialized site such as (highly recommended) to follow the conversation in real-time. Benefits of using over a other Twitter apps include automatically adding the #RheumJC hashtag to each of your tweets, filtering out retweets, and real-time updating. An alternative to to consider is

    Once you arrive at one of these sites, simply type in the hashtag #RheumJC, allow the app to access your Twitter account, and you’re all set.

  • Option 2: Follow the #RheumJC as a saved search in your Twitter client of choice. A few premium Twitter clients such as Tweetbot Mac iPhone iPad have the ability to continually stream when you are connected.

    If you’re using Twitter via the web or the official Twitter app Mac iPhone/iPad, you’ll have to continually refresh the search.

Step 3. Introduce yourself and interact. Don’t be shy.