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Expanding the #RheumJC Team



We want to thank everyone for their amazing support of the #RheumJC project over the past year. At #ACR14, our Rheumatology Journal Club on Twitter began as a few a simple tweets that built momentum over the coming months, with the first journal club held in January.

Behind the Scenes

Above all, we’re a group that is interested in applying the power of Twitter to rheumatology education through Twitter.

We’re also full time clinical rheumatologists, so time is the limiting factor in us hosting more journal clubs.

For each journal club, we:

  • Pick an article (and if needed, contact the journal to ask for an open access link).
  • Try to contact authors of the article and invite them to participate, if possible.
  • Write an introductory blog post with dates/times and a short summary.
  • Send a copy of the blog post to our mailing list and schedule a shorter reminder the day of the journal club.
  • Have someone moderate each journal club session – which either requires some pre-typed tweets, or extremely fast typing skills.
  • Write a follow up blog post.
  • Write a short summary of the session to be included on the PubMed Commons portion of each discussed article.

Our efforts are coordinated using a popular team communications platform called Slack.

A Call for Help

Each journal club session optimally has 3–4 people involved in coordinating the above tasks. We’re looking for volunteers interested in being involved in any number of sessions over the next year. We’ll take all the help we can get!

With a little help, we can make #RheumJC even better over the next year, with more frequent sessions.

If you’re interested, let us know by letting us know on Twitter at @RheumJC or email at

– The #RheumJC Team

Rheumatology joining December 16th #NephJC discussion

From the full post on

I’m thrilled to announce that the online rheumatology community has been asked to join the next #NephJC, which will be held Tuesday, December 16 from 9-10 PM EST / 8-9 PM CST.

We’ll be discussing the recent NEJM article Rituximab versus Azathioprine for Maintenance in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis (PMID: 25372085)

For my rheumatology colleagues that are not familiar, #NephJC is a thriving nephrology journal club on Twitter and If you’re relatively new to Twitter and using hashtags, but would like to participate, the simplest way would be to follow the instructions on their site.

I’m excited to see what we’re able to learn from our nephrology colleagues, and hope us rheumatologists have much to share as well.

See the full post for background on the use of rituximab for ANCA-associated vasculitis and summary of the NEJM article.


The first spark of a Rheumatology Journal Club on Twitter:

The #RheumJC hashtag arrives:

Although @Rheumpearls has already been thinking about @RheumJC:

And it becomes a real project:

Hello, world…