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Rheumatology Network Summary of 3rd #RheumJC on Autoimmunity and Pregnancy

Another huge thank you to @RheumatologyNet for the summary of our 3rd #RheumJC. If you’re not following them on Twitter or online at, you’re missing out on a great source of rheumatology news and informaiton.

Rheumatology Network:

Twitter Rheumatology Journal Club #3: Autoimmunity and Pregnancy

Statistics and Metrics from 3rd #RheumJC

Some analysis for round 3 of #RheumJC

Overall (full 24hrs including both sessions) there were 63 total participants

  • 20 people had participated in one of the two previous journal clubs
  • 43 people were brand new
  • 22 different countries were represented

Compared to last month, there were 17 more total participants

The total number of rheumatologists increased (34 in round 3, 25 in round 2)

  • Additionally, this session saw a lot of cross-specialty interest with 3 nephrologists, 3 gastroenterologists, 3 internists, and 2 pediatricians also participating

For the full 24 hours, there were 569 total tweets – 390 unique tweets and 179 RTs

  • Compared to round 1 – very similar: 506 total tweets – 410 unique tweets and 96 RTs
  • Compared to round 2 – also very similar: 518 total tweets – 387 unique tweets and 117 RTs

In the 22 hours of asynchronous participation time (not including the 2 live sessions), the volume of tweets was relatively low (150 tweets – 26.4% of the total) and tended to be mostly RTs (63%)

The 2 live sessions accounted for 73.6% of the total tweet volume for the 24hrs

Almost 80% of the tweets during the live sessions were unique and only 20% of the tweets were RTs

Only 32 unique individuals participated in the two live sessions

Session 1 (3pm EST)

  • 22 participants (5 Europe, 14 Americas, 3 Middle East)
  • 6 fewer Europeans participated compared to round 2 session 1
  • 3 people participated again in session 2 (9pm EST) including our guest author @RheumNow
  • There were 208 total tweets – 159 unique tweets and 49 RTs

Session 2 (9pm EST)

  • 13 participants (12 Americas, 1 Philippines)
  • There were 211 total tweets – 175 unique tweets and 36 RTs

Symplur metrics from session 1



Symplur metrics from session 29pm-1


The Management of Fertility, Pregnancy, and Lactation in Women With Autoimmune and Systemic Inflammatory Diseases


The next session of #RheumJC will be on Thursday, April 2nd, and we’re pleased to announce we’ll be discussing the special article from Arthritis Care & Research: Proceedings From the American College of Rheumatology Reproductive Health Summit: The Management of Fertility, Pregnancy, and Lactation in Women With Autoimmune and Systemic Inflammatory Diseases by Kavanaugh, A. and Cush, J. et al.

The session will again be run with two one-hour “live chats” at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) and 2am GMT (9pm EST).

We’re happy to announce that Wiley publishing (@Wiley_Health) has again agreed to make the article available open-access until April 10th using this link:–42083.4393981481.

We’re also pleased that author Dr. John Cush (@RheumNow) has agreed to join the sessions to answer questions (because of clinic duties, likely more available during the second session of the day).

Dr. John Cush is a rheumatologist at the Baylor University Medical Center and is Director of Clinical Rheumatology for Baylor Research Institute. He is highly highly active on social media, and his twitter account is a must-follow for anyone that works in the field of rheumatology.

If you are new to using Twitter, take a look at our Intro to Twitter page.

If you are participating in a Twitter journal club chat for the first time, please read our Getting Started Guide to get some tips on how to make the most of this session and not get too bogged down. Some additional pointers:

  1. Please remember to try to stay on topic whenever possible
  2. Be polite and courteous
  3. Do not violate HIPAA

As always, we welcome suggestions for future articles for discussion. Please send your suggestions by Direct Message on Twitter to @RheumJC or email us at